Friday, August 31, 2012

Was This Written On Your Downtime?

You're right.  I missed posting regularly.  Again.  For a pretty long time.  You know what would help? A full-time writer, social media, and online resources associate.  Who works for free.  Or maybe granola bars.

That's the trouble with small businesses...we are small!  So the same things that make us special (ability to quickly make decisions, take our customers under our wing, or have BBQs for holidays together) also add real difficulty in meeting expectations on the "ancillary" things.  Like blogs.

The best advice (that I should probably follow)?  Scheduling.  You always have some downtime.  Facebook?  Amazon?  I know you've been there.  Instead of passing the minutes looking at what your barely spoken-to acquaintances had for dinner last night, draft out a blog post, a few links for posting, or even just a topic list.

Breaks are an important part of the creative process, so why not make them productive as well?  Social media should be fun, informative, and really show the personal side of your business.  So let yourself go (in a professional way, of course) and enjoy putting some things down for later.  Then, when you want to do a post, check out what you've already written, make sure it fits your mission, goals, and has a positive message (and is suitably professional), then, post away!

How long did that take?

Probably faster than this one.  But fear not, I've taken just a bit of my own advice, and a new entry will be appearing shortly!

In the meantime, have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  May the BBQs be ever cooking!