Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's! - Selfish Sunday

This was posted as an April Fool's Day satirical article.  Obviously, we don't want you to be selfish, and definitely don't do it on a weekly basis.  Besides, being selfish every Sunday, just like everyone else, wouldn't be very selfish, now would it? ;-)

Here at GreenProfit Solutions, and especially at our Greater Good Alliance division, we understand what it means to give back. Whether it be through board member service, hunting down silent auction items to help raise money for an organization's annual gala, or putting physical effort into building a home for a family in need. We share the joys, the victories, and the smiles.

But you know what? It's really hard! I mean, seriously, can you expect someone to give back ALL the time? To be a good citizen of Earth without fail? If you can, great, but we need a break. So we have a solution...

Selfish Sunday!

For one day a week, stop bothering to think of all! That mother struggling to carry her groceries and son, AND open the door? Walk on by. The senior citizen just looking for a friend to share stories? Don't be tempted. The sea turtle laying its eggs on a busy beach? Kick the sand.

Doesn't that feel better? Who said the world doesn't revolve around you? No obligations, no guilt, and no commitment! The possibilities are endless. Want to finally live your is your chance, with no distractions from "those in need".

We are extremely excited to be premiering this new tradition on April 1st. New month, new you!

Just remember to get it all out of your system before Monday, because that would just be selfish.