Monday, February 27, 2012

Blogging Is Hard!

Look at the date on this entry. Now scroll down and see the next previous one. Count the days passed (and minutes, if you so desire). It's been a while, you're right! 

Somehow, the tasks of business and personal life overcome the semi-regular schedule for this blog. Which brings us to the topic of today's entry: Priorities. 

We all have them. Does family always come first, or do you find yourself in the office until the wee hours, slaving over that last project? Everyone has their reasons for doing things as they do, but I'd wager to bet almost none of us are as efficient as we can be. 

It's because, even if we have them, we aren't following our priorities. 

What's the most important thing for you to do this week? Watch a child's recital, complete a sales presentation, or maybe return the call of that journalist who wants to do a story on your business. Obviously, if these are all in your week, you'll want to get them done

But first, list out which are truly the most important. There's a reason your phone and computer calendars have a field for Priority. Make sure that, no matter what crises or opportunities arise, you make that recital. See those items which are Low or Medium priority? They can be tasked during more "high risk" times, perhaps when there's a good chance of distractions and delays. They'll get done, but can be pushed back if needed. But those High priorities? Only "low risk" things, if anything, can come near them.

So go fill out those priority fields in your calendar and never miss another soccer game again!