Monday, September 5, 2011

A Redesign & New Name!

Well, the redesign has been completed!  If you happen to be reading this post through Facebook, I'd strongly recommend you visit our blog at  It has been re-styled and formatted to greatly enhance usability, provide a more welcoming experience, and give you the information you want quickly and effectively.

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But now, on to the question you are most definitely asking: What in the world are Teacups of Sustainability?

Excellent question.

I am a tea person.  Tins of loose-leaf tea kind of tea person.  At home, it's the only thing I drink.  Cold, hot, as long as it is decaf after 3, all is great.

For the coffee drinkers in the audience, think about how tea is served.  Very often, it is in one large pot, with each person partaking in the experience using a small cup, call it a teacup.  This allows the tea you're drinking to stay warm (not too much in each cup), while the larger teapot remains hot.  Each pour is as wonderful as the last, since no sips are inappropriately tepid.

So a Teacup of Sustainability is the same idea.  Think of each post as a teacup.  Hot, fresh, and informative.  Every new post provides a few more insights into the large teapot of sustainability.  And you are welcome to partake in as much or as little of the conversation as you'd like.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to keeping the conversation fresh!

One final question: Do you think the address of the blog should be changed to teacupsofsustainability.blogspot?