Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm Busy...Got Words to Write?

This blog is mainly operated by two of our company executives, and it is unfortunately a difficult thing to keep current with all else we are working to achieve. From the continuing development of the Greater Good Alliance to sustainability projects under GreenProfit Solutions, we're a busy bunch!

So first, some updates. What in the heck have we been doing? Well, we're making progress with website development for the Greater Good Alliance and have more details to share:

For consumers (remember the $5 credit upon launch!):

For businesses/non-profits:

Daily Connection Sample Site:

Internally, we are also finalizing welcome kits, implementation programs, and other materials specially for our member non-profits and businesses.

And now...on to the real purpose of the post!

We want your words! Intelligent, well-versed, and passionate words, but your voice nonetheless. We would love to offer guest writers a venue for spreading a message of community empowerment, environmental responsibility, and business development. If you have something to say, please contact us to discuss publishing! Our mission incorporates helping the community, both private and public, and this will simply be another area in which to do so.

Once more, contact us for information on becoming a guest writer on our blogs. Or, let us know if you would like our own written material...we have a well-stocked library of topics already covered, available for your publications.