Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Earth Day Message

On behalf of everyone here at GreenProfit Solutions and cuZOOM, I'd like to wish you a Happy Earth Day. It may be an oft-repeated suggestion, but we encourage you to make every day Earth Day. How? Make those little steps towards minimizing your impacts. You know what they are: reusable bags, consolidate driving trips, minimize energy and water use. But also, tell your friends and family. Help them do these little things as well.

And give. Of your time, your skills, your contributions, or your knowledge. It doesn't matter. But every bit you give back is a little more someone (or something) else would not have had if it were not for your generosity.

Earth Day isn't just about seeing green everywhere. It's about your relationship with the planet and everything (and everyone) on it.

Today, and any other day for that matter, ask us how you can help. We'll do our best to connect you with a cause that truly connects in your heart. No charge, no catch, and no strings attached. If you can help make your world a better place through our connection, then we've done our job.

But it is never done. Have a Happy Earth Day.

Edited 4/22/16

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sustainable Weddings, or, Marriage Without the Impacts

Oh, how irony can stick out its head at the oddest times. For this entry, I was aiming to address sustainable wedding advice. Considering this summer has three weddings I'll be attending, it's been a topic of discussion as of late. So what can be done? Weddings are notoriously expensive and resource-intensive celebrations, but that does not mean all hope is lost.

Of course, this is where the irony steps in. Yesterday, a business friend asked me this precise question. At the exact same time, I was reading a message from one of my to-be-married friends about how she will be making her wedding as sustainable as possible. So, I organized the steps she will be taking, along with a bit of explanation on each item. Turns out, the e-mail message was printed in the business associate's blog word for word.

Seems silly to reprint it all again here, so for some amazing sustainable wedding steps (all of which will save money), please continue on to Sustainable Wedding Advice (blog by Nila Do, Editor with Gulfstream Media Group).

Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Go to the Event, Especially If You Don't Care

This past weekend, the Kids Ecology Corps. put on their annual People and Planet Day event. Held at a new location, Esplanade Park, they were privileged to be situated on one of downtown Ft. Lauderdale's prime pieces of real estate. The event accommodated a wide range of businesses, from local organic vegetables to personal health and wellness. Organizations participating covered the usual sectors: helping kids become more healthy and environmentally responsible, growing your business with the help of a "green" network group, as well as a variety of others. Food at the event was provided by a team of very passionate, talented, and entertaining organic chefs.

Needless to say, coupled with the beautiful weather typical of South Florida's spring, it was a great way to spend a Saturday.

So why weren't there tens of thousands of people passing through the event?

Because it was a "green" event. I'm not saying that as a bad thing, hey, we were there, and it's what we do 150%, so I am completely supportive of their mission, however, that actually took away from the participation.

Say there is an event for video games. Who do you think will attend? Gamers, developers, manufacturers of computers and game consoles, most likely. Those who don't play video games won't be there. Even if the topic of the event is bringing gaming to a new audience.

Same goes for a "green" or eco-friendly event. The mayor was there, a major grocer had a booth, but the vast majority of attendees were those already "in the know". So how do you overcome such a challenge?

Solve that, and you'll be the world's greatest event promoter.

One solution is to branch out from just your core audience. Include things that, going back to the gaming example, a gamer would scoff at. Similarly, appeal not to your supporters (they'll attend anyway most likely), but to the general public. Have games (yes, even outside the gaming event...people love a competition), challenges, and mainstream entertainment. The prizes don't really even matter. Just keep in mind ways to tie all that back into your primary theme. That way, attendees who may not have cared at all for the general theme can leave with some new insights, possibly even gained unconsciously.

But the most basic requirement of an has to be a whole lot of fun. And this past People and Planet Day hit that mark.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's! PlantChat - An Environmentally-Friendly Communication Medium

You've heard of IM, phone, VoIP, and text messaging, but do you know about the latest innovation in communication? We call it PlantChat, and are confident it will change the way you call in to work sick or arrange to meet up with friends that afternoon (You aren't really sick, are you?).

So how does it work?

All of our existing communication strategies have environmental impacts, from the energy used to power computers throughout the system, to the potato chips consumed during a late-night IM conversation. PlantChat eliminates all of those negative effects, and replaces them with a unique, natural system.

When you want to get in touch with someone else through our proprietary PlantChat network, you simply plant the appropriate seed. Huh? Yes, seeds! In just a few short months, they will grow into the flowering beauties that will carry your pollinating message through the skies. Want to say, "what's up"? Go for the basil. "See you in the summer!" Dandelions are definitely your best bet.

The message can be read by simply looking at the full-grown plant in a profile view...each leaf forms a representation of the word you want to say. Trust us, it can't be easier!

All communication is performed 100% through solar power, and transit times can be as low as a few weeks for the fast-growing weed varieties ("Sup, yo?" and other nonsensical expressions only. Proper grammar requires more time to produce mature seeds).

Weeks, months? My IM is instantaneous! Why use this and wait?

As mentioned, those systems have environmental impacts that we simply have been unable to avoid. Here, you will be contributing to oxygen production, better soil quality, and even the spread of beneficial plant life to a new region (Weed-based expressions excluded).

Where can I get these PlantChat systems?

We are confident you'll be able to find all the message species you need in your own backyard, but, for additional language packs and accents, our online store representatives will be happy to provide your exact combination. From London to Long Island, Miami to Milan, we've got you covered.

Let PlantChat become a part of your daily routine! Contact us today for more information.

So sorry, this entire program was only available on April 1st, 2011!