Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Help Us Plant 1000 Trees

As you are probably aware, through our company, GreenProfit Solutions, we are quite involved in the efforts to curb climate change. According to most scientists, South Florida is the #1 “At Risk” region on the planet, so we do have a sense of urgency. We are trying to educate companies, governments and individuals through our speaking engagements, webinars, and participation serving on the Advisory Boards of the Eco Chamber, Port of Miami Propeller Club, Riverwalk Trust Sustainability Committee, Broward County Climate Change Task Force, Smart Growth Partnership, Living Green Fair, Emerge Broward, Lauderdale Air and Beach Festival, as well as Chairing and serving on the Ft. Lauderdale Chamber Diplomat & Concierge Committees, Chairperson of the New Member Committee, South Florida Chamber of Commerce as well as Sustainability Advisors for various non-profit organizations. As you can see, we take our mission seriously.

Our company is seeking people with a similar passion so we can geometrically increase our effect. We are offering a very affordable Business Opportunity model to those who wish to work with small and medium size companies in building their own part or full time business…and we need your help.

We have an advertising budget, and we could just place business opportunity ads or hire an advertising firm. But we want our dollars for this campaign to do more and that’s where you come in.

We all know someone who is looking for a way to supplement their income, or someone with a green passion, or someone seeking to follow their dream and start their own business. And, the people we know, also know other people with similar situations and similar passions.

We have built a complete informational system on our Opportunity, and for every 10 people who complete our online form and join our No Cost, No Obligation mailing list, we will have a tree planted in a vital region of the world. Trees are nature’s way of offsetting climate change. It is our goal through this campaign to plant a minimum of a 1000 trees, which means we need to have 10,000 people to subscribe.

We all have seen and some of us have forwarded those silly emails which promise “good luck”. Now, there is no luck required. By forwarding the email below, you are already helping to save the planet.

Thank you in advance for your help and participation.


Our friends at GreenProfit Solutions, Inc., a socially and environmentally responsible company, are offering to pay to have 1,000 trees planted. The company is seeking to get the word out on their Green Business Opportunity and your No-Obligation subscription to receive information is all it takes. GreenProfit Solutions will have 1 tree planted for every ten subscriptions, with a goal of planting 1000 trees.

All subscribers receive a Free Business Report and the knowledge that they have helped do their part in the fight against Climate Change. Click to subscribe at their special web page.

Let’s help GreenProfit reach their goal. Please forward this email to every adult on your e-mail list.

Follow their progress on Twitter.

Joseph Winn is the President/CEO of GreenProfit Solutions, Inc. which assists businesses in becoming environmentally responsible. You may view their website at www.greenprofitsolutions.com or e-mail Joseph at [email protected] .